Oct 22, 2007

countdown to friday

yipeee, another four days to go. back to jb again. when i want the time to fly faster, it will move at a very very slow pace and while when i wished the time will fly slower, it will just flew past me without me noticing it. happier times will pass by faster while sad time will circle around you slowly. i guess that's life.

anyway, a few previous post before, i metioned that my mil got 4 new puppies rite? but sadly, all of them died. *sob sob* died because of some germs in their stomache. sooooooooooo sad, i tell you. died one by one. hope they are now happier somewhere else. to make up for it, my fil went back and bought another shih tze for my mil. can't wait to see it.

ok, till then. nite!


Education Blogger said...

Ohmygoodness.. that is definitely me. I work Monday through Thursday and I start counting down the days every Monday. I guess I just get excited to have three whole days to focus in on my personal sites since I always seem to be so rushed during the rest of the week.

jazzmint said...

omg...all died!! poor thing