Oct 29, 2007


i was going through the opps just now. so when i took an opp, i went through the requirements. then suddenly i saw the minumum pagerank is 3. i was like "huh"? then i went to check. the 3p stated my pr is 3 while the google toolbar shows a 2. so which is the correct info? for sure i hope it will be 3 lar. then i tried to check the pr using some of the pr checking tools. some datacenters show 2 while some show 3. so i am not sure what my pr is now. should i do those opps with pr 3 or do not do it first? what if i done it then tell me rejected? haishh, got opps also cannot do lahh. how how how???


jazzmint said...

ya woh..it's driving me crazy. everywhere is PR4, but google toolbar PR2

khai khee said...

yalor, crazy hor.. but whatever pr it become, i hope it will not back to a big fat 0. hahahaha