Oct 17, 2007


i was taking my dogs out for a walk as usual but a bit earlier at about 3 pm. normally i took them out at about 5 pm but as it was about to rain, i went out earlier. i normally won't tie both of them up so that they can roam about. the golden for sure won't go kacau people cos he is timid but as for the shih tze, i got to keep a close eye on him cos he will go bark or sometimes even bite people, but since he is such a small size dog, not much harm will be done.

ok, anyway, back to today. i just barely walked 10 feets from my house gate with the dogs around me. then suddenly "BOOOOMMMM!!", small pebbles scratched my legs. FIRE CRACKERS WERE BEING THROWN AT ME!!! scared the sh*t out of me, i tell you. my dogs also nowhere can't be seen. they ran home and seek refugee. then i fast fast look up but saw nobody. but my guess is i was attacked by some malay boys (not being racism here, ok). i think not boys, almost my age, around mid twenties. i kept glaring at their house but couldn't see anybody. so i fast fast go back and look at my dogs, and they were also scared sh*tless cos they kept wanting to go inside the house. @%@%#^$%&^%&%&*^!!!!!!!

so, you all must be wondering why i confirmed is them, right? i confirmed ah, cos there were nobody staying at the left side house. only their house got people, so who else? and raya mah, can hear them play crackers almost everyday and they are the only malay family around my house. why do they attacked us? because, errmm, you noe lar, malays dislike dogs mah, and then i everyday bring them out for walk and sometimes unintentionally they will chase the cats outside roaming or walked past their house mah and my dogs will sure go sniff here, sniff there one. but most of the time i won't let them go over that side. then hor, they liked to throw all the UNCOOKED chicken "spare parts" or skins for the cats OUTSIDE PEOPLE HOUSE (not in front of their own house, ok) and for sure my dogs will go sniff it, but they won't eat it.

i think that's why they want "revenge". arrgghhhhhhhhhhhhh...


huisia said...

alamak, they really did it purposely la..