Aug 26, 2007

Ranting & Technology

went pampering myself today. went shopping and have a pedicure to prepare myself for the whole week ahead. did not do manicure cos gotta do some housework, so scared wasted money… haha, but mil will be here tomorrow. i foresee less housework for me.. muahahahaha. i am sure you all must be asking what to prepare for the week ahead right? hahaha.. nothing special, just that it's weekdays again. gotto work lohh, and you all will sure be thinking, "WORK?! you work part time only mah, what so special and so depressing about?" aiya, who likes to work? yuck, and somemore do account, double yucks!! everyday keep staring at the numbers. stared until my my eyes wanna popped out again. watch tv, eyes wanna popped out, stare at numbers, eyes wanna popped out again. so sure one day popped out lahh..

anyway, i spent the whole day yesterday trying to figure out what is RSS or Atom. i quite outdated lar. many pc users are now using those feedreaders but i am still not using one. i used google reader for a while last time but slowly, i soppped using it cos i think a bit troublesome at that time as i need to go to the page and keep refreshing it. what's the difference from going to the own website and refreshing it there? but when i read that it was quite nice to use from other bloggers, i tried again. so the whole saturday was spend figuring out what is it and how to use it. asked huisia for advice too.. thanks, yeah!! i tried different kind of feedreaders, like google reader, IE7 and Diodia.trying to see which one is nicer and most effective. but till now, i am still not quite sure how they really worked. i tried it using my blog as guinea pig. for the latter two, i tried schedule the time to 1 hour, 15 mins or even 2 minutes but no update immediately after the time's up. it will came out quite a long time later about maybe 3 or 4 hours. for google reader, i am not sure whether is there any settings for schedule updates, so i just keep refreshing it whenever i remember it. so far, google reader has been the nicest to use even though i have to refresh it myself but whenever i log in, it will automatically updated. i am going to keep trying to see how it works and see which is the nicest one to use.. so how? any advice from you all out there? thanks yeah..

*post content is the same as the one in my other blog.


meditation said...

hey that was nice post good job..

huisia said...

i stop using google reader as i just can't catch up the blog hopping :)

feed is pretty slow sometimes, sometimes i update my blog in the morning but only able to see the feed update after few hours.

Sweetpea said...

duh.. i don't like and don't know how to use those feedreaders, that's why i am WWAAYYY behind in visiting blogs.. sorry ya? :P