Aug 6, 2007


nowadays, more and more people are travelling to London for either holidays or business trip. although the currency rate is high sompared to malaysia, people are now more willing to spend for holidays. London has really nice scenery and building such as Tower Bridge, where you can see the bridge open and let the ship pass through or the Bristish Airways London Eye where it gives you a real bird-eye view of the city.

but before you think of visiting all these places, you must planned carefully about your accomodation. Hotels in London are so easy to find, whether you want either 1 star or up to 5 stars. there are so many hotels for you to choose from. if you like to pamper yourself and look for a luxury hotel, you can try out in London's West End such as Hyde Park or Mayfair. or if you are on a budget, you can try out some of the hotel such as in Bayswater, Victoria or in Paddington.

it's the same in Manchester and Birmingham. Hotels in Manchester and Hotels in Birmingham are also very easy to find, be it luxury or budget. it's everywhere. try surf their website for more information regarding hotels in London at


Private Detective said...

All very true, their is much to do in London.

London Eye Tickets said...

taking about london. I love to visit London Eye most. I have visited once there but couldn't enjoy it fully.