Jul 5, 2007

what is happening??

yesterday evening when kj and me was on the way for badminton, we stopped by the traffic light at the crossroad waiting for the lights to go green. so i look to the right, i saw this.

accident in the right hand side (accident 3)

then kj asked me to look to my left, and i saw this.

accident at the left hand side (accident 1)

we both then looked to our front and we saw this.

accident in the opposite road (accident 2)

sorry for the blur photos. took them using my hp's camera. i zoomed in, so it's very blur. so, as to let you have a more understanding towards what happened, (hahahahha), i painstakingly draw the below out for you all to see. ehh, it's not easy to drawleh, given my understanding of photoshop. tada.....

and the accidents caused jams everywhere and worse, it's about 5ish, everbody knocking off. cars horn and horn and cars slowing down to watch (blehhh, hate those ppl who stopped n watched as if it's their business). 3 out of 4 junctions with accidents. what you all think eh? anyway, one word to describe the whole scene - PANDEMONIUM.


Sweetpea said...

whoa! looks like you had a good show left, right and centre! don't get it everyday! :P

khai khee said...

sweetpea : hehe, yeahlor, dun get show like tis everyday ah.. i mus b lucky but unlucky for the victims..