Jul 24, 2007


so, currently i m now in my hometown, so far so good, enjoying life.. muahahaha. was really busy these few days. went to singapore on saturday with my good friend to visit 3 of my good friends there and at the same time accompany one of them to try out her wedding gown. she's gonna get married to US. goshh.. US ah.. never even crossed my thoughts that she will be married so far away. the furthest i ever thought is only singapore. hhmm, gonna miss her. anyway, was glad that all of us were able to meet up cos it has been such a long long time together. we never really meet up properly since i got married which was in year 2005. it's either, i free, she not free or the other one not free. and this may be the last time all of us can meet up. anyway, after trying out the wedding gown, we went SHOPPING. shop till we dropped at Orchad. woww, it has been a long time since i really shopped. i mean really shopped. those shopping centres in miri is not worth to do so, you can only spend like not more than 30 mins then you are done. haha... so after a crazy shopping trip, we went off to chinatown, this time round my friend went to try on her cheongsam. then we went EATING. muahahaha.. i ordered my favourite carrot cake, and it's super delicious i tell you. it's my favourite food when i went singapore. it's a must have. and hor, no matter where i ate it, it IS really delicious. i am now drooling thinking of it. :P ordered many types of foods as well and after that we went home feeling contended with all those shopping and eating.. haha. oh yeah, finally bought the birks which i have been dying to get for a long long time. happy happy..

2nd day, i went to singapore again. but this time round went to singapore zoo and night safari. ermm, i think that the zoo is much more better than the night safari. we walked around the whole zoo during the day and took the tram at night. unfortunately, it was drizzling at night, so no animal show for us.. i bet the animals was thinking "wow, an off day today, no need to work, can sleep and enjoyed the rain" LOL!! but poor visitors, wasted lehh.. then after that i went to my aunt's house for a visit and then off we went home. super tired ah and dozed off almost immediately when my head touched the pillow.

3rd day, felt quite tired so just laze around at my mum's house and got to eat my favourite "lui cha". super missed it. unable to compare the one sold in miri and at here. went shopping at the ioi mall again with my parents..

4th day, which is today, muahahaha, went shopping at jusco again with my mum. bought quite a bit leh.. but super happy too. another pair of shoe for me, a luggage bag, foods and a few shirts for kj. was eyeing a handbag for myself but cost over RM200 so i just refrain myself from buying it (first, hehe) cannot just come bck for 4 days then spend like lunatic ehh... must be patient 1st. another 13 days to go..

no photos for now cos i forgot to bring back the cable for my hp and i dunno how to use the stupid card reader of this dell notebook. so, will update more photos later.. bye!!


Suzie said...

wow kk....you were in singapore? how come you never shout for me? =P

khai khee said...

suzie : haha.. so sorri nv shout out for you. but time is soooo tight that most of the time have to shop fast fast..