Jul 20, 2007


finally the day i have patiently waited for has arrived. haha.. so later, i am going back to johor. dun missed me, yeah!! only for 2 weeks.. will be very very very busy once i got home for the 1st week. has already planned what i am going to do the first 3 days i m back. 1st day, going to the singapore with my friend to meet up with another friend in singapore.

then the 2nd day will be going to singapore again.. this time round with my family, to singapore zoo and night safari. dun laugh, ok? the last time i've been there, errmm, i also couldn't remember when i went, but my mum told me it was during my primary school days. ouch.. primary school days seems so far far away.

3rd day, hehe, my sis asked me to go singapore again, to my aunt's house. but this plan still under consideration. 3 days row going singapore. siao eh!!.. anyway, will update once in a blue moon if time permits. dun go away and never come back ah, and must come and sapot sapot me OK?? promise, yeah.. bye bye, tata, ciao.. arrghh, can't wait till tomorrow...


Ivo said...

Your blog is very interesting!
Please, send me the photo of a your t-shirt or a your clock / watch and the link of your blog,
I' ll publish in my blog!
Thanks Ivo

Bryan @ One Mans Goal said...

Wow... A regular Jet-Setter

Hope your travels are safe!

jazzmint said...

oh oh..enjoy urself hehe...i heard that philip oso plan to go sg in july...is it the same trip :P

Anonymous said...

im ur mama.

captchakill said...

have fun!

khai khee said...

bryan : thanks for dropping by...

jazzmint : i will sure enjoy.. n nope, it's not the same trip as philip..

anonymous : who r u??

captchakill : thanks a lot..