Jul 6, 2007

bye bye holidays..

*sob sob* in exactly 2 hours time, i m going to say bye bye to my precious 10 days of holidays. yeap, big boss is coming back home in a short while and i m going to fetch him later on. so, no more msning, no more surfing net until no tomorrow. totally enjoyed it for the past 10 days. muahahaha.. evil hor, me? have to sit up and really work hard and hehe, hopes for an increment.

but on a more cheerful note, in exactly 2 weeks from today, i will be sitting in the airport waiting for the plane back home to johor. another 16 days of holidays. eh, that is really a holiday and completely free from housework. blehh, i hate doing housework. why must it be women who should do the housework? cannot be the men meh? ask them do, they will say, oh i worked so hard outside, let me rest a while before helping you. then rest rest rest totally forgets about it. i also worked eh, the only thing is i worked from home so they all think it's same as not working, so i have a lot of energy to do all the housework.. bahh what i am talking about? i myself also not very sure what i am writing about lar.. ok enough of all this craps.. ciao!!


Sasha said...

can msn also neber add me


Sweetpea said...

yah.. men thinks they earn all the hard money so don have to do housework.

all my hubby does is sit in the office and do his job lar, plus e-bay business as well (see! so free!) but when i work, i walk non-stop for 5.5 hours in the pharmacy.

don't worry mate, we women are born survivors and champions. pat yourself in the back!

khai khee said...

sasha : i from morning till nite aso msn one ah. cannot not msn cos this is the only way i keep in touch wif my frens :(. i add u ok? so i aso can chat chat wif u..

sweetpea : *pat myself in the back & pat yours too* haha.. we are the champions!!