Jun 9, 2007

weekend is here again

yup, weekend is here again. so fast the time goes by. it has been exactly one week i m back from sabah. come to next month, i will be going back to johor again... muahahahha, couldn't wait until that day. but will only be back for 18 days only. dun dare to go back so long, since kj needs to work and me also needs to work. if go back too long, then i think the fil will start to nag, nag, and nag saying if we go back too long then no mood to worklar, bla bla bla... i miss my own house in johor..

previously before i got married, i always told my frens that i don't like staying with in-laws, so that's why we bought a house in johor. is not that they are not good, it's just that you will tend to feel more akward and you don't have mush privacy. everything you do, you must consider this and that. of cos, kj won't feel anything since it is his own family. if it was mine, then of cos i won't feel like this. at my own home, i can do whatever i like, sit or sprawl on the sofas, sit how unladylike i like with big body movement (can't expect me to sprawl on the sofas with the in-laws beside you right?) asking my mum do this for me, do that for me, no need to do the housework ;-P, aiyahh, a lot lot more.. can't even finish writing... sigh. i really treasured the times when i m back in johor. my frens say, eh you can move out mah in miri. cannot wor, cos actually the house we currently stay here in miri is rented and all expenses are paid by the company and this house is big with 4 rooms. if we move out, then we have to pay our own rental and other bills. no worth it mah, right? so for now, i got to wait for a few more years when kj's company is much or less settled then only we can think of going back to johor... can't wait ah.. eh eh eh, again ah, i am not complaining about my inlaws. they are nice and treat me well and it just that it is ermm.. aiyahh you all should know lar. cannot describe. enjoy your weekends.. (mine will be as boring as before again..)