Jun 12, 2007


Smorty is another kind of get paid to blog site. this site is free for anyone who wants to sign up for it as long as you have your own blog. before you sign up, as i said, you must have your own blog. your blog must be indexed by Google or Yahoo and is at least 3 months old. your blog also must not contain any violent, hate related or adult content and lastly, your blog must be active and have a history of minimum average 2 new posts per week.

so you have your blog. now, how does Smorty works? Smorty is kind of like a middle man between advertisers and bloggers to do blog advertising. the advertiser will start their campaign with Smorty and Smorty will delegate the campaigns to the suitable bloggers. once the bloggers got their campaign, they can start to write the review on your post. once done, you can submit for approval. once your post is approved, then you will get paid. bloggers are paid on a weekly basis throgh paypal.

so, if you are a blogger who wants to earn some side-income, why not try Smorty out? once you sign up, you can expect a approval or rejection just within 72 hours. i submitted mine yesterday and i got it approved this morning. fast, isn't it? go and try it out..