Jun 8, 2007


i was msning with my sis and she send me this two videos for me to watch. for the 1st video, i was shocked and amazed as well when i watched it. well, the voice was not very like faye wong but then HE is a guy ah. how can a guy's voice can imitate a female's voice like he really is a female. anyway, i think china got a lot of this type of competitions where you can find a lot of talented and weird ppl around.

the 2nd video is girl who imitates the voice of some females and males singer like stephanie sun, karen mok, ah mei, andy lau, jacky cheung, zhang yu and many many more. for the female parts like stephanie sun and karen mok, i think not bad lehh, but the males part are not that good. anyway, just want to share with you all. enjoy...