Jun 6, 2007


yes, yes yes, i know i am now eating my own words now, ok. i know i wrote that i want to cool off ppp for a few days and now i am doing it. *blush*. but hor, when i log into my ppp account just now, saw a few not bad paying post right in front of my eyes worr, how i cannot be tempted ah.. ehh, but my last paid post was on the 31st lehh and today is the 6th already. so is already 5 days i din do paid post worr, :P so, do forgive me ah, cos you will be seeing paid post again. but i will sure limited myself from being toooo ppp minded. (should be money minded) hehe.. mus come back visit me, yeah..

anyway, yesterday i received a call from the account firm. finally the account was done and was ready. yess, finally after a lot of phone calls and frustration. this has been the 1st year i did the accounts all alone. and it was such a headache when doing the accounts. boy, i was so glad it was done and now i can safely say, i more or less know what to do for this year account. and for those friends who dunno what i m talking about, i am doing accounts for my hubby's (kj) company. and prior to all these, i don't have the simplest idea about accounting. so, you can imagine how hard for me to grasp all those figures and even how to do a simple account.