Jun 11, 2007

not so boring afterall..

haha, so, yesterday was not so boring actually. i tot my sundays will be spend lazily in bed, watch tv or read some books. but no, kj decided to bring me along for some outdoor activities with his bro and friends since he think i cooped up inside the house way too often.

the One Tree Hill Cafe

the smoking area of the cafe

we went to this newly opened Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort about 9 something in the morning. this resort jus newly open last week so it's quite new. for miri ppl, there's a new place for you to have a look now, instead of just either go shopping or to the seaside. but then for me, i think it's way to expensive. RM58.50 per person which include buffet breakfast, lunch and snack. then maybe a 2 hours ride around the resort (errmm, jungle should be more appropriate). actually there's nothing much to see, as i say, it is jus a very very new resort. first, when we arrived there, we ate the buffet breakfast. din take pics of the food cos it's not super duper nice. just those normal porridge, hams, mees, eggs, cornflakes, and toast. then after that we set out for a ride around the resort. nothing to see and quite disappointed cos they jus let you see banana trees, mango trees, durian trees, and more trees lar. then they dropped us off at some super small waterfall leh and ask us walked all the way back to the restaurant. i tell you, it was super far and i was tired like hell when i reached the restaurant.

super long and steep way that we got to walked back..

one thing which i quite like it is the chalets. the chalets are quite nice and everything are sooo new. and it was built right inside the jungles and facing the lake. and of cos it is not cheap either.

the rooms

after getting back to the restaurant, we started our buffet lunch and after that kj and his frens started their activities. FISHING. if not for fishing, then i dun think they all will come lor, aiishhh. so fished and fished and fished for 3 hours while i walked here and walked there, sit here sit and sit there. finally, they decided they have enough and off we went home. overall, it's quite nice to go out once a while. but the experience there is not very good since there are not much to do. but mabbe after 2 or 3 years, when they finally developed it, i m sure it will be a popular tourist destination SINCE there is nothing to do in miri.

small waterfalls at the resort

scenary from one of the hill

the lake

one of the trees :P i got nothing to do mah,

the fishing pond


jazzmint said...

wah looks ok mah..me from kl sure like hehe but waterfall really small lah LOL

khai khee said...

jazzmint : LOL, the waterfall very small hor? but got bigger one inside the jungle, but not yet developed, about 8 storeys high...but once in a while go for these kind of place not bad lar..

Sasha said...

i like wor...long time never go to holiday edi. But err hutan manyak ...errr itu benda wan.

khai khee said...

sasha : haha, i think if i stay there overnite i aso will be scared. whole nite stay in the room. dun dare look out the window :P

huisia said...

very nice le..

Suzie said...

sound like fun! love the pix ;)

khai khee said...

huisia & suzie : not badlar, if no other place to go then it's sure fun ah.. LOL!!