Jun 19, 2007

Dumpling Festival

so today is the dumpling festival. dumpling festival is now not much celebrated. i still remember when i was still a kid, my paternal grandma will usually cooked a nice dinner for any festival and ask us go over to her house and have dinner. there will be the usual chicken, fish, duck, soup and veges. but now as my grandma is getting old, she can't find the strength to cook us dinner anymore. for me, i think my grandma cooks the nicest dishes of all. now, i kinda miss her cooking. but luckily, i guess that my aunts inherited her talents in cooking. so, i got to eat those nice dishes during chinese new year only.

back to dumpling. when i went to the market this morning, actually not only this morning lar, it's a few mornings before, almost all the stalls sell dumplings. this year, as we are not in hometown, we can't eat any homemade dumplings. only can eat those we bought outside. the taste is so so only. and i missed those dumplings made my aunts and relatives. arghhh, thinking of them makes me drools. anyway, i have been eating a dumpling for my lunch for ermm, 4 days straight. but i still can eat it as i really really like to eat it. LOL!!! i am not getting tired of it.. haha.. anyway, HAPPY DUMPLING FESTIVAL!!!


huisia said...

happy dumpling festival!

jazzmint said...

happy dumpling fest ;)

Kate said...

The closest thing I've had to the banana leaf-wrapped dumpling in that picture is the dim sum I ate in Honolulu. They were good grindz! I do miss the pork hash (steamed dumpling) from the islands. Miss them every day. The closest thing we get here are Goya, and they're just not the same as fresh-made.