Jun 20, 2007

backdated post : Lambir National Park

we went to this Lambir National Park a few weeks ago. i was tooo lazy to post it until now. this National Park was only about 30 km from Miri. it was closed to the public for almost a year, if i am not wrong because of flood last year and caused quite a damaged to it. actually this is the 2nd time i went. 1st time round, i went with kj only and since we have nothing to do, we went again with my in-laws.

ermm, there's quite a few national park in miri here. and, i tell you, i went to most of it and all of it are almost the same. but the most fascinating one will be the Gua Mulu and Gua Niah. will post some pics about these 2 national parks later on. basically what you need when you go to these parks are a good pair of sport shoes and water. at these parks, you just walk and walk and walk along endlessly. after sometime, you will sure ask, are we there yet? LOL!!

anyway, the total distance that we got to walk at this Lambir National Park quite oklar, about 30 minutes of walking for one way. you will only see trees and trees and more trees along the way, tall trees, short trees, all kinds of shapes trees, haha.. then you can see small rivers along the way. cross some bridge, the reached the waterfall. that's it. cannot go further. that's all. can see ppl picnic beside the lake, but we just stayed there for about 10 minutes then we turn back and start walking again. so roughly took us about 1 hour plus to finish the walk. so still oklar.. a few pictures only.

along the way are trees and trees and trees and small river

holes in the rocks

small river along the way

and at last, the waterfall..

p/s : this waterfall is sure bigger than the waterfall which i posted last time, yeah.. muahahaha!!


Pregnant said...

Wonderfull pictures! :)

Sebal said...

I like this.
Good pictures.