Jun 7, 2007

backdated post : Hari Gawai

the whole family went to visit the Ibans on Gawai Day which is on the 1st of June. we set off in the morning at about 9.30am AND we reached home at about 5pm. such a real long day and i was dead tired when i reached home. why does it took us so long? cos as you know, the Ibans live in a long house. and there are a total of 38 families lived in a long house. we only visited about 7 families and it already took us almost 1 whole day. so if you say we visited all the 38 families, how long will it took us? hahaha.. i think 5 days can finish lar.

the longhouse we visited (photos taken in 2005)

the "verandah" of the longhouse. can you see the end? i m in the middle of it..

at each family, they served us almost the same kind of foods BUT there is something different at each family. guess what? my apologies if you think i am too "wu liao". but i got nothing to do while the fil and the Ibans yak and yak and yak non stop. my mil, bil and kj also just sat down, almost doze off, i think. ok ta da.. here's is it, (actually should have 7 pics but the 1st pic i never take cos just reached there mah, so not bored at all)......








muahahahaha, i kept going to the washroom while i was at the longhouse. ehh, total 7 types of drinks all mixed up in your stomache and colors somemore. how can i stand it... and the 1st drink i never take photo one is red in color. and my fil total drank 7 cans of beer., duhh, dunno how he can stand it. anyway, more photos on what they served us.

colourful cakes

some vermicelli like crackers

more colourful cakes

i like the cakes although i never touch even 1 piece. don't you think it's so pretty? it's so colourful. i wonder how they make it lehh? i know nothing about baking. bake layer by layer? if really do it layer by layer, isn't it tooo much of work? actually they served us more than this. i tot i got other pics of the food but when i browse my pics, i only got these 3 pics. aiisshh, wasted.


jazzmint said...

wahh the long house is really so long.....first time seeing it!!!

chooi peng said...

the cake look really nice ... make me drooling liao