Jun 17, 2007

Ashop Commerce

are you running a online business? i think now, internet business is such a "in" think right now. but is it easy to maintain your online business easily? well, dun fret now. Ashop Commerce is here to help you manage your business.

Ashop.com is a an online store where is helps you to build your own online business with shopping cart software features such as custom graphics, banners and logos and are quick in loading. at an affordable monthly fee, you can enjoy all these features which are hosted by their ecommerce solutions with multiple nightly backups and a guranteed 99.8% uptime.

enjoy a 10 day free trial for you if you would like to see how their features are. or try imeediately by picking out the right packages according to your need. there is no installation needed and you can start selling right away once you sign-up. oh yeah, all the shopping carts are 100% optimised in the search engines.