Jun 19, 2007

200 pounds beauty

my friend keep asking me to go watch the korean movie, 200 Pounds Beauty. she told me must go and watch. ok so i bought a dvd and watch it from home. ei, it's not that i want to buy pirated, ok? is becos at the cinema in miri here, there sure won't be any korean movie one. and yes, there is only 1 and only cinema here and it's small, a lot of mosquito, either no air-con or it's too cold and one word to describe it - blehh..

ok, enough about the cinema. so, i bought it and watched it yesterday night. yes, this movie is those typical romantic comedy which korea are so famous for it. well, this story is about a very very obese girl that undergoes an extreme makeover to become a pop singer. she did become a singer but in order to make it she abandoned everything and her best friend and father to get to where she is. but at last she realized that she's wrong and she admitted everything during her concert. it's quite touching too. haha, make me cried when i watched this. it's not badlah, can go watch watch if you are interested. and makes me thinking of going for plastic surgery too, if the outcomes really came out soooo perfectly, LOL!!!


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