May 30, 2007

Ultra Hal Assistant

ever hear of Ultra Hal Assistant before? well, this is some sort of having a secretary or a companion online. anybody also can have it when you download this digital secretary. when you download this digital secretary, you can get a free 30 days trial so that you can see whether you like using it a not before purchasing it.

Ultra Hal Assistant 6.1 has many animated characters to choose from and he/she speaks to you through your sound card with his/her own voice. but if you don't feel like talking, you can also choose to type. so it's very flexible. Ultra Hal also can be your assitant and increased your productivity and he/she remembers anything or everyhing that you tell him/her. he/she can helps you remember your phone numbers, emails, birthdays, appointments and whatever things you like him/her to remember.

it's so amazing that there is this kind of assistant provided. i can tell him/her anything or everything i want without having to think about it. and he/she will sure keep the secret for me!! try to go through their forum for more information!!