May 12, 2007


i am dead tired right now. yesterday, i slept at around 12 midnight and this morning i woke up at 6.30am. why so early, you all sure ask? cos KJ is going to work and i am accompaying him for breakfast. so only 6 1/2 hours of sleep. not enough for me. usually, i needed about 8 hours of sleep, then the whole day i'll be bright and full of energy. i slept at about 10 something most of the time. but now, money seems to weight a bit bit more, lol. i found out that those ppp opps normally pops out at about 10 something. so, see lar, how can i sleep when there's something calling out to me?

and one more thing, i am not sure what's happening last night. there seems sooo many opps to grab. this is the 1st time i see those opps popped out so fast. geee, it's so nice to see all that. BUT, the stupid me yesterday clicked on an opps that cos $17. so i read and read and read then i fast fast go and do. so after i do i fast fast want to submit. but guess what? *grins sheepishly*, i forgot to click on the "Take Opportunity". arrggh, i feel so stupid after typing out the whole post nicely and cannot submit. ehh, its $17 ah. heart pain, heart pain. so now the stupid post sleeps in my drafts.


huisia said...

alamak..sure heartache la!!

khai khee said...

hui sia : haha, really ler. i heartache dunno how to describe already. stupid me ah..

Maria Papoila said...

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good luck with those opps!

Sasha said...

its like dat la. PPP = More money= less sleep. hahah u want or not?

Cade said...

I understand your pain. I go to bed late because I work on my internet business, but now I am starting another business that requires me to get up at 7 am. Any thoughts on how to handle it?

khai khee said...

jean : thanks, hope u too. :)

sasha : i wan, i wan. so i sleep less now. made it up during weekends.. haha.

cade : ahh, it's nice to earn $$ but must mind your health too. for me, i try to get more rest during the weekends. try not to do anything during the weekends and just relax. :)