May 16, 2007

Sick Dog

my dog(bobby) in johor has been sick the last few days. oohh, i was so worried when my sis called me that he has been vomitting for the whole day. more than 20 times. my mum n sis were sooo worried too that they keep calling me and ask me how. i told them how i also dunno cos i m not doctor. i ask them to bring him to the vet and check it out what's happening, but unfortunately the vet not in. so a assistant vet checked him out but the assistant also not sure what's wrong wif bobby, but gave him some tablets to prevent him vomitting again. but that rascal keep spit out the tablets and won't eat it. and squirm here and there. if my mum or sis try to go nearer to him, he'll just ran off. he knows tat they are catching him to feed him medicine. my sis no choice, she catch him then put him in between her legs tightly and with one hand open his mouth and the other hand put in the medicine. then he throws up again. my sis was soooo frustrated with him. no choice, my sis bought him to the vet the nx day again and the vet try to feed him med aso well, but he won't open his mouth. so the vet just gave him 2 jabs. haha.. the vet also frustrated with him, i think.

luckily, today he's much much better, but he still coughing, lol, with some phelgm (tat's wat my sis say). and he can't get over excited too or else he will cough non-stop. i think the most relieved is my mum and sis. my sis almost can't sleep the whole night the 1st day he was sick cos when she heard there's no noise, she will go out and check him, lol... (she scared he died in the middle of the night).


Muminmiri said...

What I did was put the tablets inside a sausage and feed the sausage to the dog.

Alternatively, you grind the tablet into powder form, mix it with condensed milk, and smear the condensed milk (with the powder medicine) around his mouth.

The dog will automatically lick it off his mouth.

Hope Bobby gets better soon.

khai khee said...

hi, glad to c u drop by. yeah , my mum put the tablets in the food, but he seems to know there's something inside and he wont eat that particular one. or he will spit it out... cant stand him, lol..

Sasha said...

thisis the first time i heard dogs got phlegm! glad that he is okay now