May 25, 2007


finally it rained. it's been a hot hot hot week. when i say hot here, it IS VERY HOT. even i was in the air conditioned room, i can still feel the hot air around me. although the rain was not heavy, at least it rained and there is thunder as well. i love the sound of thunder actually and i like rainy days. i am not sure why. ppl would say it's wet everywhere and very troublesome. but for me, i really like it when it rain especially at night when i snuggled up in my comforter, reading a book or watching dvds.

anyway, today i got my 1st ever auto-approved opps. wheeeeet, it's soo nice when your post is auto-approved. wrote the post in the morning and when i checked my mail in the evening, it was approved.

so, weekend is here. enjoy your weekend..


Steve said...

Rain is cool. It just started raining today here in Michigan for the first time in a while.....a very welcome sight.