May 28, 2007

the new features in PPP

i am not sure whether is my problem or is it ppp's problem. ever since they updated thier system, i can see a lot of opps for me to grab. but when i tried to grab any one of them, i will get the "All of the available posts for that opportunity have already been taken."

i think i rather have like last time when i can't see opps for me to grab since it's all grab by other posties. like that i won't be so heart pain ah. you see all those high paying opps but you cant take it, duhh. the feeling is really really so disappointed leh. how about you guys out there? i think for those higher PR should not have this problem, rite since i think they will have much more opps for them to grab. so, hopefully, ppp will do something about this. :(


Sweetpea said...

and u think only u have this problem. can see cannot eat, like i said.... frust or not?!

khai khee said...

LOL, really frust lor. hope something will be done soon..