May 31, 2007

Naughty Dog

it has been a long long long time since i posted anything about my dog in johor. i have been busy (should be crazy) doing PPP. even my friends has been asking me about it. so sorry ah, cos who don't want money worrr. must understand me mah, ok? thanks yeah...

ever since my dog Bobby recovered from his illness, he has been soooo naughty. woaah, even my mum couldn't stand him sometimes. but then, i think he bought joyfulness to my parents since me n my sis are not at home most of the time. at least Bobby sometimes really make them laugh. like a few days before, my mum told me that one day while she went out, it started to rain. my mum was thinking, this time die liao, cos he just bath bobby in the morning, and now for sure he was out playing in the rain. because each time it rains, bobby will sure try to find a way out to play in the rain. but tat day my when my mum got back she was suprised that she din see him outside playing. so my mum was sure he was up to something inside the house. true enough, the little rascal dunno from where he took out some old clothes and he was busy playing with them. i wonder what's so fun playing with clothes ehh.. anyway, my mum, who i think ate too full nothing to do, decided to let him wear one of those spaghetti straps t-shirts, but it was too big for him. so my mum decided to make it smaller for him and when he tried it on, my mum couldn't stop laughing at him. and all this while, bobby was trying to take of the shirts. LOL and he was getting frustrated. i, too couldn't stop when my mum mms me the photo she took. have a look at the photos.. muahahahaha...
the 1st photo seems like he was embarrassed when my mum wans to take his photos.


philipcs said...

hi kk, i think you over do PPP. :)

Sweetpea said...

i love your dog.. that was very cute.
am not sure if u know it or not, but it's better to have a regular post to fill in between your paid posts. if PPP finds out, (that is, if your back to back paid posts are PPPs) they might reject your post.

let your readers have something to look forward to and not think it's just a paid posts blog. that is what all bloggers come to your blog for anyway :)

sorry if i sound kaypoh, but we bloggers sapot each other, right? :) hope u don't mind..

khai khee said...

philip & sweetpea : LOL, yup, i think i overdo it the last few days. when i saw my blog, i was like oopps, its getting out of hand, no regular post btw the paid post. anyway, thanks for ur reminder. will sure take note of it. :)

btw, sweetpea i sure dun mind. sapot sapot each other.. haha..

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