May 25, 2007

my own website

yayy, finally i set up my own website. paid RM135 for a year of subscription. after a few days of setting up and fiddling with it, finally, it's more or less ok. still got some more to do. and because i have never use wordpress before, i was having a hard time getting used to it. i tried installing wordpress dunno how many times, since i really have no idea how to do it at 1st. but after some time, finally i did it. ahhh, the feeling was sooooo good when i got it. and got to thanks to suzie whom i seek advice from. and also jazzmint too, so sorry to trouble her also. :-)

anyone interested are welcome to my new site at this site will keep on going as well, since this is where i write ppp :P. so the new site will be FREE of paid post.... lol


huisia said...

sigh..i don't know when i can "kau tim" mine..

seem like i have to pay again :<

khai khee said...

huisia : huh? pay again? cannot check with them again ah? try email them again with the transaction code and bug them...

jazzmint said... syiok new site, so we should likn to new one or old one

Suzie said...

was wondering when you gonna make it public :lol: great job my dear/ slowly but surely it'll be smooth sailing once you're familiar with it. believe me there's so much for me to learn toocos i'm just as new as you. sorry if i havent been much of a help. once again congratulations. btw xyrisis is a nice name.