May 25, 2007


just went to check my paypal account. AND paypal is finally fixed. i can receive my unclaimed funds now. phhewww, after a few days waiting, finally i can do it. muahahahhaha... but cannot be so happy yet since i haven't bought the VMI card for withdrawing the monies.

so now, since i can accept it, i can buy the VMI card already without having to ask my cousin to buy it for me. duhh, just accepted the $$ and now the $$ are going to roll out again. LOL..


huisia said...

thanks for informing me :)

khai khee said...

hui sia : welcome. :) faster go claim your $$ now, LOL!!

Giddy Tiger said...

Thanks! Got here from Huisia's blog... I'm logging into PayPal now! :D

khai khee said...

giddy tiger : hi, thanks for dropping by. yup, faster log into paypal n claim your $$.. :D