May 29, 2007

Finally i bought the card

so i finally bought the VMI Debit Card after much consideration. if i don't buy it, how am i going to withdraw my money from paypal? but the card is now being sold at USD30 compared to last time which was only USD25. increased by USD5. no choice, have to buy it too.

well, purchasing the card is very simple, though. i first emailed Millie, the virtual money master agent, asking for information about the card. i got her reply the next day telling me what to do. first, i got to transfer the USD33 using paypal. after she confirmed received the money, she asked for some of information of myself and then straight away activate the card for me. so i was able to add a bank to my paypal account.. muahahahaha.. and now all i got to do is to wait for my card to arrive most probably next week....