May 19, 2007

Debit Card - Part III

now is in the 3rd part of processing my debit card. as i mentioned previously, i was still waiting for the expanded number. unable to wait somemore for my pin number, i called up the bank's call center. i ask them why is it taking so long for my pin number. they tell me bla bla bla this, bla bla bla that. so, i told them i need it urgently cos i need to do some transaction :P, they asked me what is the transaction. i just told them that i need to view my statement to get the expanded number to verified the pay pal. then guess what? the staff which i talked to gave me the number. i remember i read in somewhere that paypal discouraged us to call the bank for the expanded number and if the bank complained to paypal, our accounts with paypal may be terminated. so i was quite suprised that the staff gave it to me without me asking.. wohoooo, and off i go and verified my account. but... do you what happened? duh, what she gave me is paypals phone number. "-_-

BUT i am not going to give up. so again i called the call centre and thell them what happened and again the staff gave me another number. so while on the phone, i tried verifying my paypal account. and yessss, at last i managed to verified my account. so, with that done, i am now trying to figure out how am i going to withdraw money from paypal account in malaysia. i did try and surf the net and got to know various way to do it and i know it's not easy to do it too. the bank's staff told me that i could withdraw money using the debit car worr but i search high and low for more info on this and i couldn't got the final answer. but i am now trying. haha.. so, wait for my debit card - part IV, yeah. LOL..


huisia said...

wish you good luck..
i am waiting when i can accept my money, a lot of pending now..that crazy paypal why suddenly so troublesome for non-USA people??

Julian said...

If ur debit card is issued by local banks, you cannot withdraw paypal money with it lor. You just can verify your paypal only. At this moment, there is NO way you can withdraw paypal money other than backdoor methods which has risks.

khai khee said...

hui sia : yalor, the paypal very troublesome ah. dunno wat to do now.. haizz..

julian : thanks for confirming my tots. i know that tat there's no way we can withdraw $$ using local bank's cards, jus wan to confirm it. so now i think i got to apply for those US cards....