May 17, 2007

Debit Card - Part II

so, i got my debit card last month and i registered it straight after i got the card. but until now, i m not sure why i still haven receive any pin number. i m waiting for the pin number so that i can create online banking and then i can see the expanded number needed by paypal.

but until today, i still not yet received it. so, i called the call center and they check for me. and they told me that paypal has not yet claimed the $1.95. haizz, i m also not sure how long more i can get this done. anybody out there know roughly how long i have to wait for paypal to claim the charge. so troublesome..


cheng leng said...

i used my citibank credit card and paypal claimed it almost immediately. when did you send the money to paypal?

khai khee said...

oohh, tat's good. i think i send it on the 10th tis mth. still need to wait somemore. hopefully all ok.. :)

huisia said...

i waited about 1 month to get my expanded number