May 30, 2007

Bid and Win Prizes

like to bid for some prizes? well, there is now a unique website where you can bid and win some fabulous prizes. is a place where the lowest bidder will win the prize. isn't it intereting?

so how does it works? simple. there is 2 ways to bid - at or using your cellphone. click on your favourite prize and bid on it. just enter a value which you think and that's it. Bid4Prizes will send you a text message telling whether you have the lowest bid a not. you don't have to pay for anything if you win the prize. the value which you just key in to bid is just phony as it is used to determine the winner. and if you really win a prize, Bid4Prizes even pays for the shipping. doesn't it sound great?

so, dear friends, don't miss this chance to win some prizes. remember to go check out, yeah!!!