May 9, 2007

Back to Johor

i think i'll be back to johor only in the month of july. still got so many months to go. now is only starting of may. my, another 2 months plus. can't wait to c my family, friends and of cos the food in johor. i think i still prefer foods from johor. i can't get used to the foods here. at johor, the foods are much more tastier and much much more varieties. and also kl, geeezz, i am drooling now thinking of all the foods back in west malaysia. here, i think the one maybe i wont get tired with is the "kolo mee". but it's fattening though. and there's no color in it and no ingredients. just the mee, a few piece of pork mixed with pork lard. that's all it takes and it only cost RM2 per bowl. it's very nice indeed. but i don't dare to have it too often as it's quite oily and fattening.

so, i am now waiting to go back in 2 mths time. ahhh, home sweet home.. lol.


huisia said...

Oh,you're from Johor ar? I thought you're from Sarawak..

khai khee said...

nope, me and my hubby are both from johor actually. after i got married in 2005, i follewed my hubby to sarawak since he worked here. so, tat's why i am so bored here. totally new surrounding for me.. :(

robinson go said...

ooohhh khai khee!

i'm 30 minutes away from johor! cool.

all the best!

Sasha said...

MEE KOLO ? Must take pic and show me ok

khai khee said...

robinson : thks for dropping by. oohh, to think u r just 30 mins away from my hometown.. :)

sasha : sure sure, nx time i eat, i take pics for u to c, lol..