May 21, 2007

3 in 1 become 1 in 1

my hp 3 in 1 printer now become 1 in 1 only already. aishh, cannot photocopy or scan now. only left with the printer funtion. i bought it in dec 2005 and it's only 1 year ++. call hp support and told them the problem and they told me most probably the "lamp" is spoilt, so unable to photocopy or scan now. then i bought the printer to the computer shop to see whether can be repaired a not, and the staff told me that cannot be repaired. they told that if i want, they will send the printer to the hp company and changed another 2nd hand printer WHICH i got to pay about RM200++. i was like, wooahhh, 2nd hand somemore got to pay. i bought mine for only about RM300++. i might as well buy a new one better...


huisia said...

ya,no worth for it if going to repair, better buy new!