Apr 30, 2007

Debit Card

i just bought my debit card from ambank today. cost me rm25 for the starter pack.i am going to use it to do my transaction with paypal. i am wondering whether it can be used to withdraw $$ using this debit card. arrghh, i can't bear to think it if i am not able to do so. then i have to purchase a debit card online which will take quite some time. anyone out there using malaysia local bank's debit card to do your withdrawal from paypal? actually icalled the customer service of the bank. but then you all should know, rite? their information i wonder how accurate is it.. hope everything went smoothly.


suzie said...

if i'm not wrong can la. you just need to apply for the pin nos.
i might be wrong. just try la:)

Vedis Teh said...

Check at the resource here, very informative and a lot of Malaysians have followed his suggestions,Three Methods

I have applied an Etrade debit card. Just sent the form this morning. FREE.

Let me know if ambank's debit card can be used to withdraw paypal fund.I may take this choice if it works.


khai khee said...

suzie & vedis : yeah, i m going to try it. hopefully it can be used..

huisia said...

i don't know how, but i can check for you as i know some mommies were withdrew their money successfully from Paypal..

khai khee said...

hui sia : oh, thanks a lot for your help. i'll just try ahead with my debit card and if not i just purchase one with VMI. and i'll check with u again. thanks again..