Mar 18, 2007

Turning One

my first post was dated 18th march 2006. yup.. my blog is ONE today. happy birthday! so i have been posting for a year now. it has been fun writing, posting pictures and writing.

and it has been two weeks since i came back from johor. haizz.. time really flies. i was just happily waiting for chinese new year to come and now here i was, writing this post. it's sad when the time u enjoyed sooo much slips away so fast. but what to do? wait patiently for the next trip back.

i went to redang again during the trip back. 1st time i went was in year 2002. at that time it was ooo and aahhh, a very very beautiful place, not polluted at all. but when i went again this time, it was such a disappointing sight. saw more n more commercialized resorts, bulldozers along the beaches (used to carried luggages for tourists), and glass on the beaches. and i think there are diesels on the beaches. i wore slippers all the time cos i m scared to step on it which i did on the 1st day. imagine oils and diesels on the beaches. it sure spoils everything. u can't go barefooted to enjoy the lovely sand. disappointment and more disappointment. and most of the corals were dead. so i m lucky that i went a few years back where there were still some colourful corals around.
see the bulldozer's tyres marking behind?
anyway, i met up with my cousins n aunts again. as usual we have "shiok" around. and it's soo fun meeting up with them.. oh ya, and i finally cut my hair short after about 8 years of long hair. so how, nice? haha.. it feels good and the head seems lighter.