Jan 25, 2007

So where have i been?

i've been nowhere. it's just that i am hardworking at work.. muahahaha, sounds unbelievable, rite? oh, ok ok, half of it was true. i had been hard at working for a few days, and the rest, ermm, i also dunno what am i busy with ahh. hehehe.. watching tv, net surfing, msning, shopping, part time maid, waste $$ and bla bla bla..

anyway, today is already 25th jan, and that's mean another 24 days till chinese new year. hahaha, bonus bonus bonus = $$$$$. and guys, i'll be back from 14th feb until 5th march. remember look for me yam cha ahh. can't wait until 14th. this time round it seems that i've just been here a short while and now waiting to go back again. can't bear to think when it's time to come over miri here again, cos i won't know when i'll be back again. most probably will be in july. :( it's another 5 mths to go. whoaaa, what am i thinking about? this coming feb's trip back still haven back yet and i am already thinking about another trip back. duhh..

ok, so here's some of my golden retriever's photos for you all. he's now already 7 mths old. and i think he's so big and heavy and handsome now. but he's such a TIMID and CLUMSY dog. urrrgghhhhh.. i hope as he grow older, he will be braver. hahaha..

difference between 2 mths old and 7 mths old


Sasha said...

7 months and so big edi..wow!