Oct 10, 2006


ok, my mum read my blog. and she ask me why i never wrote about my husband. ermm.. why i never wrote about him? this question never crossed my mind leh. is not that i don't want to mention him, but is that i have nothing to write about him. anyway, since my mum ask about that, then i will dedicate this post all about my dear darling hubby..

1st and foremost, he's fine and good. and he enjoyed going fishing nowadays. went almost each sundays. and i will tag along if the sun's not too hot. actually i enjoy going fishing with him, watching him fish.

dear darling hubs have 2 most important thing in his life. of cos, the 1st one is me ;) and the second one would be his ps2. he spend his free time playing all those games. but too bad, i don't like those games. i like facing the pc instead. i don't understand what is so nice playing with ps2. and somemore, he is an adult ehh..i wonder if he will continue playing wit it when he reached 40.

anyway, he treats me very good. life after marriage actually for both of us is almost the same as before married. i think the only difference is, we lived together and see each other everyday whereas previously, we have a long distance relationship for almost 8 years. come to think of it, it's such a long long journey. and today will be our 1st wedding anniversay. i actually stayed in miri for almost 1 year.

ok, i really don't know what to write anymore. so to conclude, hope that we will have a smooth sailing relationship in the coming years.

"You have taught me a lot of things about me, about the world, about love. This past year has been exciting, amazing - filled with happy moments that we have shared. I want the world to know what you mean to me - THE most important person in my life. I love you."
Happy 1st anniversary,KJ!