Sep 30, 2006

Sept 30th

last day of the month again. where does all the time gone?! duh!! N i am going back again in 45 days. barely 2 mths time. will be staying for around 3 weeks. wahahhaha. then the next round back will only be next year during chinese new year. but i m certainly going broke for the nx 3 mths. 5 friends getting married in that 3 mths. is ang pao, ang pao and ang pao again. haha.. i think the age has come where most of my friends are getting married one by one. and some of them already mother of either 1 or 2 kids by now. sigh.. i m getting old. i am in my mid twenties now. after a few years time late twenties will be coming. oh my gawd.. late twenties, late twenties. yucks.. hate the sound of it. there was a time when i was still young and innocent ;) , not caring about anything. but it seems so far far away now. i missed all those times when i was still a teenager. now as we grow older, responsibilities and commitment starts coming one by one. and circles of friends become smaller and smaller where maybe i think i can use my 10 fingers to calculate the ones you really still keep in touch with.

btw, i went for buffet dinner just now. after 3 hours, i am still full. i think i over ate. stuff myself silly with all those foods. it cost RM40++ per person but the food was so so only. only the ice cream taste nice.

anyway, share something with u all, hahaha, i got an increment. wahahahha. how much i won't share with you all but i am happy happy happy. congrats me, yeah..