Aug 10, 2006

Updates and Photos

finally, i finish uploading my photos. actually this post should be up a few days earlier but i was busy catching up with my works. i am back here in miri now wondering what have i been doing those 23 days. it was exciting to be back after so long, but too bad, i didn't get to see much of my friends. it was disappointing though, since it has been so long. but can't help it either.

my sis came back from kl while my aunt and cousin from singapore came. together, we spent 4 relaxing and lazy days hanging out either mostly at home or my dad's workshop, since my dad got no helper and my mum became his "helper". and, and, and we got a new dog. 3 mths old. he was nameless for the 1st 3 days, since we couldn't think of a name for him. my cousin named him "lim peh". yucks.. but at last my mum called him bobby. after a few weeks taking care of him, i think he is a hyperactive dog. aarrgghh. sometimes you got so fed up with it when you need to sleep. once, i was sleeping on the sofa, ignoring him and he was entertaining himself by running and running around the coffee table non-stop and suddenly he jumped up and rudely woke me up by smacking his paw on my stomache. luckily he was still a baby and unable to jump on the sofa. and he has a bad habit. when there was nobody at home, he behaves so good and won't pee anywhere. but once we were back and stepped into the living room, he happily pee liked he never pee before everywhere either in the living room or kitchen. i think i can't finish writing about it.
that's the first week. during the second week, we just hang out with kj's friends. went for yam cha, went prawn fishing, went shopping bla, bla, bla.. but i enjoy it very much, going here and there. ate a lot too, savaouring all the foods not considering at all how fattening it is, cos i will miss it once i m back in miri. i still cannot accept miri's food. it's not my taste. but i still got to eat.
prawn fishing
the third week is the busiest and fulfilling week for me. went to cambodia with my parents for 4 days. during the 4 days, went visiting again. went to the royal palace, siem reap (2 days), central and russia market, casino. bought some clothes and shorts. it's so cheap. a khaikis short only cost USD2, which means only around RM8 only. it was very tiring cos we went out all the time. i went visiting angkor wat after 2 years again. is still the same, but the feeling is not the same. 1st time i went, i will go oohhh, wahhh over the temples. but the 2nd time is only hhmmm.... and i can explain some of the history to my dad. haha.. anyway, here's some photos to share.

we stayed at the prince d' angkor hotel & spa for one night. a very nice hotel. shared a room with my parents where me and my mum taking turns to soak in the bathtub using some aroma thing which my cousin gave us. it was soooo comfortable and niceeee. here's some pictures again.
angkor wat is still more or less the same but some restoration is going on, i think as time goes on, most off it will be replaced by modern bricks. we didn't managed to see the thousand year old trees though cos we are running out of time and we couldn't find our way there. but we did manage to see a small one whereby i saw a crawling thing beside me when i was taking my photo. it was sooo fat and gross, and maybe it is already hundred years old.. haha.
i saw this last time when i was there, too bad we didn't get to see it this time, it was magnificient.
we only managed to see these only..
we saw this very unusual sun during our visit at angkor wat during noon time.
a very amazing sight indeed. it added to the mysterious of angkor wat.
anyway, we went to this cafe, called the blue pumpkin. it is sooo cozy and relaxing. is a bakery cum cafe. most tourist loves to relax there by either bringing their own notebook cos is a free wifi spot or read a book or even just do nothing and having a cup of tea.

went to desaru after coming back from cambodia. went for 2 days 1 night with our friends. barbeque, playing volletball and play some games. the games we played test our reaction and you should some of the faces when they got caught. it was so funny and the losers have to drink a small cup of barcadi + lemon. too bad i got to drink 2 small cups and it taste yucky, and i felt warm and my heart beat was so fast. i can't stand anything alcohol. but poor soh lee, she drank countless of it and she's the 1st one to stop and went to sleep.
tried fishing but unable to cos of the waves, playing volleyball
and so it summarize up what i did for the 23 days. and now i m counting down to nov again. haha..


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