May 4, 2006

Back From Sabah...


kota kinabalu, sabah

i m back from Sabah on tuesday evening. too lazy to post the pics until now. haha..pheww, sooo tired but fun. Sabah gave me an impression like Johor Bahru (JB). the town, the road, the building. but then the ppl not same. cos i saw more orang asli, filipinos, indonesians all over the town. i can't even differentiate them from malays. but the sight is more or less like JB. i arrive there in the morning. the flight only took not more than 45 minutes.once we arrive, we looked for car rental. we managed to rent a proton iswara (the new type where the exhaust pipe goes broom brooom broooom). how i hate it cos its too small and noisy. but no choice cos when we were waiting for our car at the condominium, they called us and told us no more waja, can change to perdana? ok, no problem. but then not more than 5 minutes passed, they called us again, no more perdana, can we take proton iswara? hmmm.. we got not much choice right? we thought is the normal iswara, but when they delivered to us, ohh noo...

we drove around to look for foods to fill our empty stomache. we stopped at this Gaya Street, where there is this Gaya Street Sunday Market selling assortments of antiques, handicraft,potteries, batiks and a lot more. but too bad, by the time we reached there, the stall owners already almost finished packing their goods and going to close.

Gaya Street Sunday Market

so we just have our simple lunch and after that we straight away started our journey to Mt. Kinabalu. the journey took us around 2 hours from KK town to the foot of the mountain. the weather was not very good when we start off and it got worse halfway. it was so terrible that we almost can't see the road ahead of us. it either rained or the mist was sooo thick. and the road was dangerous too. trucks, lorries, cars along the way as it is the only main road towards Labuan, Tawau and etc.. anyway, the weather got better as we reached the foot. but sadly, the mist is too thick and we are unable to see Mt. Kinabalu.. (sob sob). to think we traveled so far and not able to see it... after spending around half and hour there, we started our jpurney back to KK town. quite disappointed that we were unable to see Mt. Kinabalu but surely there must be another chance next time (hopefully).

see? the mist is sooo bad that we were unable to see the background.

on the way back, we stopped by a kind of small markets where most tourist will stopped by to buy fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers.

we were dead tired when we reached back in KK town. tired not because of the walking, but from sitting in the car. we straight away checked into our condominium once we arrived. the condo was very very nice. small and cosy. there are 3 bedrooms, 1 living room and a kitchen. all nicely furnished and air-conditoned.

our rented condo in Marina Courts, KK

anyway, after refreshing up, we went in search of .. guess what? of coslar, it's food again.. we went to this Gaya Street again cos we heard that there is on shop selling "bak kut teh" which is very famous around that area. true enough, once we reached there, it is packed with ppl and we gotto queue up. but not bad lar the food. but the thing is, all the ingredients they cooked separately and came in small small bowls, whereas in JB, they all mixed together in 1 big pot. after that we went to shop around in one of their shopping centre. the shopping centre in either Miri or KK really cannot compared with the ones in JB.

now you see it, now you don't...

on the 2nd day, me and KJ went to the Pulau Manukan for snorkelling as well as for some fun at water sports. the moment we arrived, we booked for the parasailing. only me went for it. KJ only follow me out to sea to take photographs for me. i think he is afraid of heights. anyway, i was a bit nervous when i saw the couples in front of me went for it. for your guys info, it's not very high, ard 4 to 5 storey height. but when it's my turn, it's such a good feeling to go up into the sky. i enjoy being up in the sky, enjoying the majestic sea front view of the City. it's such a peaceful feeling. it cost me RM80 for a mere 10 minutes ride.

it's me up up high in the sky

me on the way up into the sky..

on the way back to the boat..

after this we went for the jet skis. it's quite expensive ahh. RM150 for half an hour ride only. me and KJ took turns to drive. quite exciting too.

overall , a very tiring but exciting day spended. at night we went went to have dinner at this Ocean Seafood Restaurant. they have this branch in Miri too. but the one in KK is more bigger and more variety. taste good too.

lots and lots of variety of seafoods

now you see it, now you don't...hahahaha..

on the last day, we went to this Filipino Market to shop shop and have a look at their handicraft and we also went to the salted fish market where i bought some for my mum. then later on in the afternoon we took the flight back to Miri.. where we picked Dodo up from the vet. he was soooo excited upon seeing us. snifff here, sniff there. so tired that i went to bed at ard 9pm.. :)