Apr 29, 2006

After Holiday Blues

our friends went back yesterday. back to work today after 6 days of relaxing and eating. basically that's what we do most of the time, eat and eat and eat. have to stop stuffing myself with all those foods now.

1st day
went to fetch the 1st couple (CL & YC) and went straight back home for them to rest. at night, the four of us went to the seaside to have our dinner where they got this delicious fried chicken wings. but too bad the more delicious one is closed for that day. so no choice, we have to go for the second best. really cant compared. but anyway, we just sit there and enjoy our dinner, chit chatting and enjoying the sea breeze.

2nd day
went for breakfast and let them taste the famous "kan lao mian" (sarawak hand made noodles) here. the noodles taste very nice. when i first came here, i ate it practically everyday for breakfast for around 2 weeks. but then i got sick of it and i don't even dare to touch it since now except the one sold in the market which is different. anyway, the noodles are white in colour, and there is no sauce or anything, just some "zhu you" and a few pcs of "cha sao". sold at RM2 per bowl. after that, we just drove around miri town and let them have a look at what miri's town is like since they keep asking last time what is it like. they have this thinking that miri's is still an undeveloped place where ppl stay in this kampung kampung house. haha.. later in the evening, we went to Luak Bay seaside and enjoy the windy breeze again. but this time round we sort of picnic there. we bought the barbecued chicken wings, hot dogs and chicken liver. taste very good. then at night, we went to this Al-Fresco Cafe to have a drink and spend the night chit chatting away.

3rd day
today another couple arriving today (WC & SL). WC is a primary friend of mine and SL is a kindergarden of KJ. in the morning, we do nothing except went shopping at one of the shopping centre. the shopping centre here really cant compared with JB. nothing much to shop, only window shopping. then we went to fetch WC & SL in the afternoon. after dropping their luggage back at home, off we went to Luak Bay for a barbequed high tea again. haha.. then after that for dinner, ( it keeps revolving around eating and eating and eating), we went to the market to have the famous "kan lao mian". taste good, according to them. and better than what YC have for breakfast for the past 2 days. LOL. we went to the park after dinner for a walk and at the same time showing them how beautiful the park is. there is this hanging bridges which scretches around 150 meter and about 3 storey highs. but too bad, the lights are all off that day, so is a bit dark by the time we reach there. then back home we went to rest and have a relaxing games of cards.

4th day
we went to Brunei today, including FIL, MIL and BIL, in 2 cars. we set off at around 9 something. but the six of us squeeze into one car. haha.. it took around 1/2 hour to reach Brunei's custom and roughly another 2 hours to reach its town, Bandar Seri Bengawan. by the time we reached there, it is already noon time. so we just drove pass the mosque where ppl say the gold colour roof is really made from GOLD. but then Brunei is really a rich country with all their oils. there's nothing much to do or visit in Brunei. but there is this Jelutong Park, where the government build it for its people. it is an amusement park. very very big, something like our Sunway Lagoon in KL. last time, it's free for public. but now need to pay some entrance fee. how much, i don't know cos it's closed when we reach there. there is this very very big cyrstal where ppl say cost millions. how true is it, we are not sure lehh. then we went to the shopping centre and just browse around. after browsing for 2 hours plus, then we headed home. another 2 hours squeezing in the car.

reached home around 6 and then we went for dinner. seafood this time. we have this myde family shell, prawns, oyster which i don't dare to eat, and sabah's "su zhi cai" (a kind of vege). a full and satisfied dinner..

5th day
we set of to Niah National Park today after a heavy breakfast in two cars, as BIL also joined us. What is most interesting about Niah is that one of the main claims to fame is the birthplace of civilization in the region. The oldest modern human remains in Southeast Asia along with many other relics of prehistoric man were discovered about 40,000 years ago, making the park one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. There are several hundred caves within the park boundaries. The two most interesting and famous ones are Gua Niah (Niah Great Cave) and Kain Hitam (Painted Cave). Both are immense archaeological interest and have been declared as National Historical Monuments. and this is where bird nest can be found. it took us oround 1 hour plus to reach there. then we registered at the office, and took a boat across the river. and it cost us RM1 per person for 1 trip!! expensive lehh, cos the ride is not more than a 3 minutes. no choice, it is the only way to get across the river, unless u want to swim..after that we started walking for more than 3 km which took us about 1 our plus. The walkway is made of plank but luckily, there are railings provided to help us as we make our journey to the caves. by the time we reached the Niah Cave, our legs are soooo tired. imagine having to walk back the same route later..pheeewwww. nevertheless, when we reached the entrance of the cave, we are awed by the huge opening of the cave - it is so big that it seemed to take over the entire façade of the cave itself! Once we quit gaping at the entrance, we move on. From there, we follow the cement steps and soon, we were engulfed in darkness, walking deeper into the belly of the cave. luckily we rent torches from the national park office. as we make our way through the guano (bats' droppings) covered plankwalk. The plank walk ways are really slippery. This is the spot where bird's nests collectors climb the walls using long poles and ropes in search of the expensive bird's nest. the collectors will have to climb as high as 50 meters to get to the nests. we walked on until there is really no lights except from our torchlights. after walking for 5 minutes, we decided to give up. :( it's too dark and slippery and we do not want to take any chances. there goes our chance to see the Painted Cave, where there is this red colored walls done thousands of years ago.

wat does this look like? i took this on the way into Painted Cave..

it is quite awesome to able to visit the cave where we can see how the swiftlets that live in the cave make their nests purely from their own salivary secretions. it is certainly worth it. then after that we started the tiring journey back. on the way, we stopped by the stalls set up by the orang asli which sells colourful sourvenirs made by themselves. on the way back to Miri, we stopped by a small town called Berkenu and have our "lunch cum high tea"(we reached there around 4 pm). we ordered "dan sui xia", fish, venison and some veges. (food again) we reached Miri around 7 pm. after we took our baths and rest, we set out again to have supper at this Al- Fresco cafe again. we sit there chit chatting the night away.

this is how far we have walked.. urrggghhh
insects we saw along the way..
last day
we woke up early today as they are going home today. actually even i woke up early, they still can drag and drag out from their bed, and we only can be ready in another hour time. hmmm... lazy bumms. we went to the Heritage Centre after breakfast as they want to buy more souvenirs for their friends, collegues and family. they sure bought a lot lehh. and most importantly, they bought the famous white and black pepper. after cruising the town, we headed back home and they get ready for their trip home. so sadd... after few days of relaxing, it finally comes to an end.

actually really happy as they can made it to visit us here and hope next time round we can plan somewhere else for holiday. now waiting for my parents to come over in 2 weeks time..haha :)